The questions and answers listed are some of those that we get asked on a regular basis but if we haven’t answered all your questions then please get in touch.

Can anyone be a passenger with Driving Miss Daisy?

Driving Miss Daisy offers a pre-booked companion driving service to anyone who needs assistance.

But Driving Miss Daisy is expensive isn’t it?

No, Driving Miss Daisy prices are affordable and prices are given to you before you start your trip so you have peace of mind.

Do you have to be elderly or disabled to use Driving Miss Daisy?

Not at all, though we are specially skilled to cater for elderly and disabled passengers, our service is available to anyone who wants to enjoy our Daisy service.

Are you available in the evenings and weekends?

Yes, our services are available 7 days a week. Pre-booking is therefore very important to ensure your local Daisy is able to book you into their schedule.

Can I take friends with me in the car?

Yes, the more the merrier! The fare can be shared amongst the passengers so please ask your Daisy for a quote when you pre-book.

Can you take me to the airport?

Yes, absolutely we can take you to the airport and arrange the time to pick you up when you return from your trip. We are always happy to help with carrying luggage, checking in and escorting you to the departure gate if necessary. Give your local Daisy a call to pre-book your Airport trip.

I only want to go down the road to the shops, do you do short trips like that?

Yes, it would be our pleasure to take you down to the local shop and come back later to take you home. We can also stay with you and assist you with your shopping as well as help you unpack and put your shopping away in the pantry when we take you home.

Can I ask you to do multiple shopping tasks over one booking?

Yes, you design the journey and we will take you there! So, you may like to go, for example, to shop at the supermarket, then the butcher, then the post office and the gift store and home again.

Can you take me on an out of town trip?

Yes, we can and we are happy to help you if you wish to plan a special trip. Give us a call to discuss your requirements, we will provide you with a quote and make your trip as convenient and comfortable as possible.

My Mother needs your services, can I organise it for her?

We regularly have family members support the trip costs for their parents, grand parents and friends. Your local Daisy can organise for you to pay for the trips that you organise.

Can I book a trip even if I have early onset Alzheimers?

Our pick up and return to home service is ideally suitable for a person worried that they may forget how to get home. Your local Daisy can take care of your safety while completing your travel needs for shopping, physiotherapy and other needs. Every driver has Dementia Friend training.

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