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Each of our Daisy Franchisees have the desire to make a difference in their community while building their own business. Our franchises are an opportunity for people to own and operate a small business within the community they live in.

We’re looking to partner with people who have:

A willingness to build a successful business

Self-motivation and are energetic and enthusiastic

Excellent interpersonal skills

A determination to succeed

A caring attitude towards others

Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness

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The Business Opportunity, a Unique Social Enterprise

Each of our Daisy Franchisees have the desire to make a difference in their community while building their own business. Our franchises are an opportunity for people to own and operate a small business within the community they live. Driving Miss Daisy provides guidance and support through our franchise system. Our core focus is helping people to enjoy life to the full. We support clients in their day to day activities and encourage them to get out and about wherever and whenever possible.

We aim to make a positive difference to our client’s lives and it is essential that our Daisy Franchisees share this vision. Our Daisy Franchisees are passionate about building their businesses whilst enjoying the rewards of offering a valued service to the local community. We share our business model and vision with you. Each Daisy Franchisee is supported and guided through the established business systems. We’re there for you; just as you’re there for your clients.

As our population is rapidly ageing, the physically and cognitively challenged are also facing more isolation than ever before. We at Driving Miss Daisy empower our clients, young or old, to live more independent lives while providing a social connection to the community.

As a Driving Miss Daisy Franchisee, you will be providing a life-changing service. The demand for our service continues to grow along with the special needs of children and the ageing population. Many of our Daisy Franchisees, both in Australia and around the world, are passionate about offering this unique service in the community.

The Package

The Initial Franchise Fee for a NEW franchise is from $30,000 + GST (plus your Daisy vehicle). The complete details available on application. Each vehicle will have the distinct Daisy decals and be customised for passenger comfort and enjoyment.

The initial franchise fee provides you with:
  • Our Franchise Training Program
  • Business support
  • An established international brand
  • Comprehensive business systems
  • Detailed marketing including tools, collateral and social media
  • Comprehensive training and operation manuals
  • Step by step business set up process
  • Well recognised and respected national brand
  • Mentorship
  • System and technology upgrades
  • Support with marketing material, software and research on new trends and benefits
  • Established quality and high standards of excellence
  • Full Police checks for all Daisy Franchisees and Drivers
Our franchisee training programme includes:
  • Operating and managing a Driving Miss Daisy franchise
  • Passenger services
  • Business Management
  • Driver Recruitment/Training
  • Health & Safety Systems
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • How to grow your business
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Compliance and reporting

If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity please send an inquiry now.

The Process

If you want to take the next step and become a Driving Miss Daisy franchisee, our selective process is as follows:

Register your interest by filling out the Inquiry Form

Preliminary conversation

Completion of Confidentiality Deed and Application Form

Mutual discussion and interview

We send you franchise documentation for you to take advice

All questions and answers – Legal & other

Payment of a deposit to secure your Franchise Territory while you complete your Due Diligence

We provide an agreed Franchise Agreement for you and your advisors

Franchise agreement signed, training and business set up begins

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to buy a franchise?

The initial cost of a new franchise is from $30,000 plus GST. For more information send us your contact details.

Do I need a licence to operate?

Yes, all Daisy Franchisees must have the drivers licence approved by State and local authority standards. Drivers must each have advanced safe driver training and First Aid training. Full details are available on application.

How many cars can I operate within my franchise?

We have an expectation that Daisy franchisees will grow their vehicle numbers as per their Franchise Agreement, to provide and to meet the service demands of the community, thereby providing significant turnover and profitability. Full details are available on application.

Is uniform required?

Yes, our brand, image and professional presentation are key to our business. Our uniform for all Daisy Franchisees and drivers is an essential part of building a highly recognised and trustworthy brand.

Can I use my own vehicle?

All vehicles are specially selected to anticipate the needs of elderly and disabled passengers so only pre-approved vehicles can be used. Each vehicle has the Daisy decals, leather upholstered seats and security cargo barrier. Personal vehicles are not permitted. Each Daisy vehicle is the special Daisy blue, distinctive and a huge mobile advertisement for the Driving Miss Daisy brand.

Do I have a defined territory to operate in?

Yes, every franchise has a designated marketing area giving each franchisee the ability to market in their local area.

Can I sell my franchise?

Yes, you will add equity as you build the business. This is beneficial to the business owner when they choose to sell.

How much money can I expect to make?

While you will be operating under the Driving Miss Daisy franchise system, with all the attached business tools and support, results will always be determined by the individual time and effort put into growing your business to meet your own business and personal goals.

What training and support is provided?

We have a comprehensive training and support process, backed up by our operations manual, driver training manual and recommended marketing processes. These are provided to you with a detailed mentoring system from our Support Office team. There is the opportunity to build relationships with the other Daisy franchisees to provide additional support. This means while you are in business for yourself, you are never by yourself.

Are you interested in becoming a Driving Miss Daisy Franchise Owner?